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Eric Berg

-vitamin D slows down cataract
-helps prevent macular
degeneration & glaucoma
-also: dry eyes

-Hashimoto’s [autoimmune] vitamin D helps prevent this
-D helps keep inflammation
down…helping autoimmune
Grave’s Disease
[hyper thyroid autoimmune] -vitamin D helps prevent

Teeth & bones
-especially newborns
if D deficient, can develop
teeth & bone problems
Example: maxilla [jaw bone] -over or under bite, or
braces needed
-scoliosis or hunchback
or exaggerated lower back
-flat feet; bowed legs

Most of this can be prevented
if mother gets enough vitamin
D during pregnancy and
breast feeding
Critical for mother to get
right nutrients to support
baby’s development
-nutrients from natural foods
not from petroleum-based
prenatal vitamin tablets

“As child, I craved butter”
-it contains vitamin D3 & K2
[D3 & K2 come from animal
foods] -K2 helps D strengthen teeth
and bones


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