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Eric Berg

Dr Weston Price, author:
Nutrition & Physical Degeneration
-looked at why tribes people
on traditional diets had
perfect teeth and NO
-checked fat soluble vitamins
D3, A, E…[no K2 at the time] -he identified its importance, named
it Activator X

This something was helping to
create perfect teeth and strong
Hidden villages in Swiss Alps ate
grassfed butter & cheese
Had perfect teeth and health
K1 [from plants] is not same
K2 [from animal sources] is all
about calcium transportation

K2 works with D3
-D3 helps absorb calcium in
intestines at 20x rate
[if low D, not absorbed well] K2: takes calcium from blood
pushes into bone
-activates certain proteins
-uses LDL for transport system
-delivers to bones & teeth
for strength
-keeps calcium from build up
in blood stream & joints

K2 activates beta cell in pancreas
-to help make insulin more
sensitive [fights high blood sugar] -generates more ATP for muscle
cell energy conversion
-supports cells that make
-helps brain function better


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