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ERIC BERG 3 | High vitamin D: cuts inflammation throughout body
presents episode 867 | Dr Eric Berg
Dr Eric Berg podcast

Lungs & breathing…
-asthma improved by sunshine
-vitamin D great for pneumonia
& bronchitis
& inflammation in lungs
-keeps viruses at bay
-great for COPD & cancer
of lungs

-if D deficient
-poor workout recovery
[think cramps is due to lack
of electrolytes? may be D] -take magnesium with D

Adrenal glands
-cortisol works like D
-if high, need high vitamin D
-cells that make insulin
require vitamin D
High D may prevent pancreas
damage & inflammation

-huge association between low
D and heart disease
-high D can drop blood pressure
-low D raises risk of insulin
resistance and fatty liver
-low D risks kidney stones

-low D raises risk of
IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] ulcerative colitis
inflammation in gut
leaky gut
Gaps in intestine leads to
autoimmune disease &

-low D risk for enlarged
prostate & problems with
ovaries & testicles
-stiffness, pain helped with
high D
-arthritis, rheumatoid &


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