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ERIC BERG 2 | ACRYLAMIDE from refined, processed foods is a CARCINOGEN
presents episode 467 | Dr Eric Berg DC
Dr Eric Berg DC podcast

Intermittent fasting?
-the most important thing you can do:
~if you get cancer &
~to prevent cancer!
Example: 2 cases stage 4 cancer
-with fasting,
went into complete remission!
-both of these people were
not smokers nor drinkers

What caused cancer in these 2 non-smokers; non-drinkers?
-current standard advice says: replace saturated fat with unsaturated fat!
“This is very, very bad advice”
-based on survey (epidemiological) research
-many other
variables that
can confound

Unsaturated fats: omega6 and omega3 fatty acids…
-omega3 are very anti-inflammatory
-omega6: corn, soy, cotton, safflower processed oils all have:
~direct links to increasing inflammation
-these are seed oils, heated:
greatly increase risk of cancer

Mono-unsaturated fats, like avocado and olive oil? safe
-no credible data showing saturated fats cause cancer
-trans-fats? not safe: links to cancer due to high processing
-use of heat, chemicals (very similar to ethanol refining!)

Careful of processed foods of all types, especially carbs…
-combination of protein & sugar (never in nature, except dairy)
-fat & sugar & high heat
-processed foods & grains & heat & vegetable (seed) oils:
~acrylamide: a known carcinogen


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