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ERIC BERG 1 | OBESITY DRIVERS drive cancer too: excess insulin becomes dysfunctional!
presents episode 466 | Dr Eric Berg DC
Dr Eric Berg DC podcast

Cancer caused by damage to mitochondria…
-converts normal cells into cancer cells
-not an invasion of an infection or a virus
-new cancer cell is prehistoric in nature
-it loses its mortality!
-its metabolism is completely
different from a normal cell
-consumes sugar much more
than a normal cell

Cancer spreads into areas of inflammation…
-where you have had trauma, injury
Example: smokers have chronic lung inflammation, cancer goes there
-or chronic gut inflammation from eating poor diet
“Anything that can damage
your mitochondria, can ALSO

Smoking usually causes cancer in lungs, but it can also cause cancer…
-to your pancreas (smoking is one of largest causes of pancreatic cancer)
-chronic abuse of alcohol causes cancer
-obesity is associated with cancer…but perhaps it is the diet itself
-frequent eating & high carbs
cause obesity…which also
causes cancer
-especially too much insulin!
-caused by refined carbs, sugar
-eating frequent meals/snacks


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