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ELLIOT OVERTON 3 | Iron too high? Body lowersfree testosterone
presents episode 659 | Elliot Overton
IC Healer podcast

Doctors may erroneously
look at ferritin levels as a
marker for iron status…
-it doesn’t become elevated
until late in the disease
In early stages, best to
check transferrin saturation
Elevated when greater than 45%
Elliot Overton:
“I feel best when 30-35%
Above 40% my symptoms
go down hill”

SHBG [sex hormone-binding globulin]…
-tends to be reduced under
oxidative stress
Liver inflammation usually
associated with lower
SHBG is actually associated
with insulin sensitivity
-both increase together

Why would SHBG go up with
iron overload?
Case Study:
man with hypogonadism on
testosterone replacement
-he developed
-high hematocrit
[thickening of blood]


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