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ELLIOT OVERTON 2 | OXALATE PROVIDE HOUSING FOR E. COLI: Low oxalate diet & magnesium citrate HELPS
presents episode 564 | Elliott Overton
IC Healer podcast

Study, 1990: E. coli, most common bacteria in urinary tract infection…
-congregate on calcium oxalate crystals and proliferate from there
When these crystals are deposited on
urinary tract epithelial lining:
-they house bacteria indefinitely

Oxalate causes local irritation & chronic inflammation…
-depletes resources of the tissue
-reduces long term immunity
-very hospitable for bacteria to survive

potassium citrate or magnesium citrate reduce UTI…
-makes urine more alkaline; less pain to inflamed bladder
And able to dissolve calcium oxalate crystals
-taking away the house for the bacteria

For chronic UTI, which is unresponsive to antibiotics…
-reducing oxalate should be considered

Calcium oxalate can form stones in kidney & in bladder!
-many people find that reducing oxalate in diet…
-their interstitial cystitis improves dramatically

Foods high in oxalates:
1-Spinach 755mg
2-Rhubarb 541mg
3-Wheat 133mg
4-Almonds 122mg
5-Miso soup 111mg
6-Corn 97mg
7-Potato 97mg
8-Soybeans 96mg
9-Beets 76mg
10-Navy beans 76mg

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