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ELLIOT OVERTON 2 | GIVING BLOOD: Reduce iron overload; lower SHBG & raise FREE TESTOSTERONE
presents episode 657 | Elliot Overton
IC Healer podcast

Case report: patient with ED…
-high total testosterone
-high SHBG
[sex hormone-binding globulin] -iron overload
-transferrin saturation: 86%
-ferritin above 1000
-gamma GT 167
[liver dysfunction]

-iron saturation 42%
~previous month: 54%

Dr Paul Saladino bloodwork update
Dec 2022…
-total testosterone down to 776
-free testosterone up to 25 [3.28%] -iron saturation down
-SHBG down from 97 to 69.5

Dr Paul Saladino…
“From August I have been getting
blood drawn…
-200cc every 3 to 4 weeks
I don’t have hemochromatosis
[over absorption of iron into body] -ferritin was creeping up
-iron saturation was creeping up
-also transferrin saturation

Dr Paul Saladino…
“Elliot Overton said I should consider
iron overload…
-never thought that:
-ferritin 250-300 was problematic
-but as I continue giving blood
and SHBG goes down…
this may confirm the hypothesis”

Elliot Overton…
-exactly what happened to me
-happens on clinical basis
“As I donated blood & brought
down my transferrin saturation;
my SHBG levels came down
Seems to be an effective way
to bring down SHBG if
transferrin levels are high”
In US may need to check
iron saturation levels”


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