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ELLIOT OVERTON 1 | IRON OVERLOAD in liver Leads to high SHBG and LOW Testosterone
presents episode 656 | Elliot Overton
EONutrition podcast

Elliot Overton, EONutrition
“I had elevated SHBG [sex hormone-binding globulin]:
-2019: 59 [red zone] -2020: 83 [red zone] -2021: 58 [red zone] -2022: 48 in green zone

“I checked online for the risk
factors and tried to eliminate
as many as possible

“I went to the scientific literature [PubMed] The solution for me was to:
Fix my iron overload”
-iron is toxic if found in too high amounts
-or if body cannot process it really well

Males at risk of iron overload
due to not menstruating…
-especially those eating lots of
organs and red meat
-or eat from cast iron pans
-have genetics that predispose
to hyper-absorption of iron
Leads to progressive decline in
-in brain
-in testes

Profound oxidative stress…
-leads to hyperinflammatory
environment where:
~testicles lose ability to make
“Also known now that iron
overload in liver can also
elevate SHBG


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