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ELIZABETH BRIGHT f | Healing inflammation & stress: Snacking on butter & beef jerky is great
presents episode 910 | Dr Elizabeth Bright
5 Minute Body podcast

Raw milk?
-pasteurization takes away
probiotic content that is supposed
to make digestion easier
-NOT changing the macronutrient:
-lactose, protein, milkfat
“I use macronutrients to heal
my patients.
Carnivore gut DOES NOT NEED
the probiotics that the vegetable
eating gut needs”

Butter: salted or not?
-either is fine
5 Minute Body Gal:
“I eat unsalted butter with Redmond
Real Salt on top”
“My husband loves pork; I love lamb.
Bacon is great!
If inflamed, see if you can handle
the agent that it is processed with”

-not necessary
-if you do well with heavy cream:
add berries in summer: okay
“the few berries you eat will not
throw you out of ketosis.
There are no antinutrients in fruit.
-Tropical fruits have so much more
sugar than berries & apples, so
be careful
-Even with Parkinson’s: ok
“Vegetables have antinutrients: fruits just have sugar”

-recommend decaf
“I drink it every morning &
sometimes in afternoon
Healing: how many meals a day?
-if inflamed, moving from high
carb eating or high stress…
-need to balance blood sugar &
stop adrenaline from kicking in
gives energy needed to stay in parasympathetic state

Fasting for those in healing state?
-medically speaking, if not eating
carbs, that is fasting
-we know, eating butter gives
energy, so is not fasting, but OK
“When I am working all day, I will
snack…butter on beef jerky”
-keeps me able to think clearly


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