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ELIZABETH BRIGHT e | Ruminant FAT gives omega 3 & calcium…salmon & sardines OK
presents episode 909 | Dr Elizabeth Bright
5 Minute Body podcast

Chicken breast…good to eat?
-after healing, yes.
-higher in omega6, so chicken
legs & thighs better than breast
“Don’t be afraid of anything
[high stress!]. But, if have
autoimmune issues, may
be more susceptible to omega6.
Some may also be susceptible to
pork [when grain-fed].

Chicken has low iron…
-ruminant meat, beef & lamb
has more iron
-fish has low iron, so
BEEF & LAMB should be the
-other carnivore foods fine when
we are non-inflamed!

-if farm-raised…they don’t eat
good food
-wild salmon is fine
-beef & lamb, not necessary to be
grass-fed, is better than salmon
-we don’t eat fatty part of salmon
-it is a good food when healed

-spend less on carnivore than
-when healing and functioning
better, spending less money
-making more money due to
feeling better
Can eat hot dogs & sardines
-depending on what you need to
fix, can be low budget carnivore

Sardines & anchovies?
-careful… packed in 5% olive oil
95% safflower oil!
“I get enough calcium without
having to eat the bones of these.
I get enough omega3 from the
fat of ruminant meat”
A great snack, however, is
anchovies, butter, on toast…
‘just don’t eat the toast!’


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