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presents episode 907 | Dr Elizabeth Bright
5 Minute Body podcast

1 pound of meat a day [454g]…
-temporary protocol while healing
-after one month
[book: Good Fat for Women] -if inflammation down
-able to be in ketosis longer term
“If can increase protein AND stay
in ketosis: okay”
-if fixing bipolar: stay on high fat
until brain metabolism improves

We need protein, can do what we
need to on 1 or 1.2g/day per
ideal body weight pounds
“I built 3 kg of muscle while eating
76/24 fat to protein, in a month
when started lifting weights”
76 = 76% of calories are fat
24 = 24% of calories are protein
[use app:
-My Fitness Pal or
-Carb Manager]

Both men & women;
Healing period for endocrine
system is one month
“I don’t measure everyday.
I checked when I was gaining
muscle mass: it was 76/24.
Don’t necessarily have to be
high protein to gain muscle”

Question: How to tell that the
healing period is over?
-joints don’t hurt anymore
-wake up with more energy
-able to sleep better
“I use questionnaire with patients.
Presenting issues must be
addressed in the healing period”
-patient may not lose weight, but
symptoms improve
-psychotic attacks gone
-kidneys functioning better…

Question: Patient has not lost
’20 pounds’ [their goal]…
-likely cortisol issue, so
get salivary cortisol test
-no phone to bed
-lights off at 9:00
-stop running marathons
Example: patient listens to piano
riff over & over through night
-now hears it in brain during stressful times
-switches into parasympathetic state


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