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ELIZABETH BRIGHT b | ADRENAL & THYROID dysfunction: go 80% animal fat; 20% animal protein
presents episode 906| Dr Elizabeth Bright
5 Minute Body podcast

Skin & digestion are more sensitive
to adrenal dysfunction…
-when in ‘fight or flight’ mode,
cannot digest
-skin gets psoriasis & eczema
-sympathetic depression is
also adrenal
-also depression, bipolar &
schizophrenia related to low
thyroid function

Question: How to get to 80/20?
[80% fat & 20% protein] Visualize:
-1 stick of butter &
1 pound of meat
Ruminant fat is least inflammatory
Why do some people gain weight
while doing 80/20?
-they have to HEAL
-if stuck in ‘fight or flight’
body will hold onto bodyfat

Fight or flight:
-constantly yo-yo dieting
-running 10 miles a day
-constant high-cortisol state
Inflammation & stress cause
the same issues
-causes too much dopamine
High fat carnivore eating:
-lowers inflammation
-lowers cortisol
-from hypersympathetic to
parasympathic state

As physician, I use butter and
recommend butter for high fat…
-if sensitive to butter
-if feeling more inflammation
-try tallow or ghee instead
[our immune system looking for
proteins…butter has a little] -sensitivity to butter won’t be
forever…just in the beginning
in some people


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