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ELIZABETH BRIGHT a | LOW T? CAUSED BY: -low fat diet -low thyroid -low iodine
presents episode 905| Dr Elizabeth Bright
5 Minute Body podcast

Dr Elizabeth Bright…
-in ketosis gives optimal health
-cannot if eating carbs
-as male, eating ribeye steaks,
high fat, is great
-women need MORE FAT
-due to indocrine system
-to give healthy hormone levels
Cholesterol makes steroid hormones
-so, women need 80/20 fat/protein
-during healing process
-then, down to 70/30 is okay

Many of my women patients tell
me: go back to 80/20 when under
heavy stress
-no need to track numbers
“If I have lots of work, I may put
more butter on my beef jerky
as a snack”
Men: I start with 70/30

Indocrine system are the glands
that make hormones…
-hormones tell body what to do
-all steroid hormones made
of cholesterol
-all thyroid, peptide, hormones
made of protein
Thyroid is master gland
-regulates all other hormones

Thyroid directs everything, so
-erectile dysfunction, doctor will
say lack of testosterone, but
-thyroid directs how much is made
from fat that is eaten
-if under stress, will make cortisol
[steroid hormone] INSTEAD OF
-caused by:
-low fat diet, or
-low thyroid function, or
-low iodine


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