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ELIZABETH BRIGHT 2 | Lower back or foot pain? Could be prostate! Iodine found to be effective
presents episode 635 | Dr Elizabeth Bright
Steak & Butter Gal podcast

“I used to suffer from ED [erectile dysfunction] a lot…
-carnivore turned that around
-in first six months saw significant improvement
-within the year, improvement kept growing
-took 1.5 years for ‘man-boobs’ & stomach fat to peel off

Question: how to improve prostate?
Dr Bright: take iodine!
“My patients with prostatitis.
They took large doses of iodine
and that took care of that”
-urine flow
-pain in lower back
-heel pain
Lumbar spine enervates the prostate
[arms connected to dorsal spine] -foot, leg pain referred from lumbar

Lumbar spine also enervates the
-patients with bloating and abdominal
-work on lumbar spine fixes it

More advice for men…
More energy will increase libido
-lowering stress levels will
increase libido
-if not in fight or flight mode
can concentrate, during sex,
on more pleasurable things


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