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ELIZABETH BRIGHT 1a | Iodine is SAFE…critical for all mucus membranes in body
presents episode 637 | Dr Elizabeth Bright
NutritionwithJudy podcast

Util 1948 every thyroid doctor was prescribing
Lugol’s iodine for hypo and hyperthyroidism…
-thyroid needs 12 mg
-breasts need 5 mg
-important for all mucus-producing tissues:
~sinuses; vaginal; intestinal
But, Wolff-Chaikoff effect:
[used radioactive iodine in mice studies–it is toxic
non-radioactive iodine is not toxic] -used tons of radioactive iodine, saturated thyroids in mice
-they temporarily did not need it; so labeled hypothyroidism
-they never tested the mice’s thyroid T3 and T4 levels

Study was never done in humans…
-did not show rats became hyperthyroid
-in 1969, author said that the study did not work
-but medicine grabbed it & never gave up on it
“Because iodine is natural. They continue to
recommend radioactive iodine with medications”
-Lugol’s iodine gives your thyroid the potassium iodide;
~breasts, uterus, and prostate the elemental iodine

Judy Cho:
Hakala Labs used 1g of iodine with their patients
-we recommend 12.5 to 50mg”
Question: Can you overdo iodine?
-No. it is eliminated via the urine
Always more chemicals in our sunscreen, air, water…
-iodine is a safe, cheap way to detoxify
~keep your mucus thriving

Question: selenium at supplement with iodine?
-too much can be toxic
-you don’t need a lot
-if eating carnivore, then getting selenium in food
“Before I was carnivore I would recommend 200mcg
Now, for carnivore, I max at 100mcg if you test low
The co-factors for iodine are in the meat
-that is why carnivore diet is so great
“On plant-based diet, need co-factors to have iodine
get absorbed,
meat-based diet need less”


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