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ELIZABETH BRIGHT 1 | EXCESS CARB EATING: ‘Soy Boy’ effects: adipose tissue mass at pectorals!
presents episode 634 | Dr Elizabeth Bright
Steak & Butter Gal podcast

Question: Do men benefit as much from eating carnivore?
-depends on their stress
-women have more steroid receptors and need the hormones
~estrogen; progesterone; testosterone
-men benefit when there is huge stress component
“Eating like Coach Raymond is perfect: fat trimmings & ribeyes

Question: Benefits for men eating carnivore?
-reduced inflammation
-‘soy boy’ high estrogen levels caused by eating carbs!
“We have many adolescents, eating 100% carbs,
form adipose tissue [fat] in the pectoral area”

“We’re raised to believe protein is critical for muscle growth, but
More when you are ripping them to shreds, protein is needed
to regenerate & reform it.
-depends on the activity you do
-fat is energy
“When you eat enough fat, you then use your protein for muscle”

Coach Emily:
“They want to lay down the muscle on their physique.
So eating enough fat so that protein can do it’s job”

Question: Why are ‘man boobs’ so common today?
“We know excess carbs increases estrogen.
That is why in PCOS, eating low carb reverses it.
With no carbs, excess tissue in the endometrium goes away”
-Man boobs caused by excess estrogen, excess carb eating

Epigenetically, if parents ate excess carbs, then
-adolescent boy predisposed to getting excess estrogen
and growing adipose tissue in the pectoral regions


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