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Drug funded study lies about effects of statins…they show NO BENEFITS for elderly

Dr Zoe Harcombe,
Low Carb Down Under
presents episode 275: Dr Zoe Harcombe

Article, Feb 2019, The Times of London…
-from Lancet article, 2Feb2019,
-by CTSU (Clinical Trials Support Unit of Oxford University)

CTSU (Clinical Trials Support Unit of Oxford University)
-privately funded by pharmaceutical companies
-will not share their data

“8000 deaths could be prevented”
-not in the published paper
-only in the press release (not peer-reviewed)

Deaths: statins vs control: 0.95 (95% CI 0.83-1.07)
Primary prevention: 70-75’s: 0.84 (CI 0.70-1.10)
0ver 75s: 0.92 (CI 0.73-1.16)

Confidence Interval (CI)
-describe how uncertain the estimated difference (p-value)
is between two treatment groups
-if the CI between groups includes 1,
then the groups are not significantly different

BMJ (British Medical Journal)
-Nigel Hawkes, author, April 2019

Dr Harcombe, “If the CTSU, with their $350m+ funding,
cannot find evidence…there is no benefit”

Patient leaflet for Lipitor, $27b profits for Pfizer…
-this statin is contraindicated for 70+ years of age

BMJ article, 2016: Lack of an association or an inverse
association between LDL cholesterol and mortality in the elderly
-lower cholesterol = more likely to die


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