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Drew Baye. If train intensely:-sets last 60 to 90 seconds -move quickly between exercises

Vast majority of people do not workout…
-they believe must spend 150min/week
in the gym
-not too much time considering great
value of working out
Large number of people won’t spend
this amount of time
-if something could get these folks
working out, that would be great
Most people would do better using the
12 min/week approach from McGuff,
than regular ineffective approaches

The book: Body By Science…
Fitness has 5 functional factors:
1-muscular strength & stamina
2-cardiovascular & metabolic efficiency
3-structural strength
[bone & connective tissues;
resistance to injury] 4-flexibility
5-body composition
The better body composition, the better
strength to body weight ratio

How to stimulate improvements in all
5 of those factors?
Muscular strength & stamina
Must do very demanding work for muscles
Cardiovascular & metabolic efficiency
Must create high metabolic demand &
stress cardiovascular system
[can do this as well with circuit strength
training as with endurance activities]

If train intensely:
-sets last 60 to 90 seconds
-move quickly between exercises
-can achieve & maintain significant
heart rate elevation
-don’t need separate ‘cardio’
Must routinely move through a full
range of motion
[unless injury recovery, or other
exceptions where stretching is needed] -strengthens bones & connective tissue

Body composition
Must have great diet
[exercise is not for burning calories] -must do strength exercise so, when
in calorie deficit, you
The goal is to have more muscle,
less fat


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