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Drew Baye

For the basic six exercises, could do:
-leg press; trunk extension [lower] -pull down; shoulder press [vertical] -row, chest press [horizontal] These, done properly, would be more
beneficial than an extra hour in gym
doing nonsense
Not for everybody…
-not optimal for those with potential!

At a minimum, must do enough
exercises to address all major
muscle groups
-plus neck, forearms, abs, calves
Recommend: when doing these
Body by Science exercises, alternate
approaches by finishing with:
-abs & calves or
-neck & forearms
“Don’t ignore these areas”

Starting out? do more than the minimum
-inverse relationship between
-how hard you train, and
-how much your body can recover from
Most people not training intensely
Here in Orlando: guys come in
who think they have been doing HIT
After working our with me:
“Much harder!”
They thought: were training to failure

You can do a little bit more at first…
-push yourself a little harder
-If get to point of overtraining,
cut back, add more time between
-or, split exercises up

When talking about doing an exercise,
people think in terms of how they do it…
[poor form and not as hard as needed] Hear: ’12 minutes of exercise’
Think: ‘the way I do it…cannot be enough’
they don’t know how to make it effective

Optimal, not just effective…
-include more than the basics
-as frequently as recovery allows
For most people: 2 to 3 times a week


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