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DREW BAYE 4 | 1 more rep! Focus on target muscle movement; NOT WEIGHTS
presents episode 793 | Drew Baye
Drew Baye podcast

Those who are well trained, getting to
point of momentary muscle failure…
-continuing beyond: counterproductive
-in finishing holds &
-in thorough inroad technique
-continue contracting isometrically
for a long time
-quickly overtrained

People capable of getting to that
point, will usually…
-be negatively affected by piling on
more stress after momentary
muscle failure
Those who may benefit by adding
these things on, if done correctly
-are those who still need to learn to

Person getting closer to their physical
limit, slowing down, don’t think they
can push further
You don’t know
Say: I’m going to assist you in 1 rep
-continue contracting target muscle
[say nothing that takes their focus
from muscle to tool]

Ken Hutchins “During exercise, focus
on contracting muscle and producing
the desired body movement.

If someone is pulling…
-don’t tell them to pull harder
“Gradually contract harder until you
contract as hard as you can”
-cue them on body movement
-I’ll help with one more rep
-apply a little assistance so they are
able to continue the rep
-let them lower the weight

This helps me learn how much help
they really needed
-often no help is needed at all
-just to know someone is helping
-they have not reached limit
-just point where discomfort is beyond
what they are used to
-they have not pushed through yet
-don’t know that they can
-may assist with another rep

Afterward, tell them: I did not help
-it was you
Did not do this for their physical benefit
-but because I wasn’t sure they
were actually at failure
-if not, to teach them they are
capable of digging a bit deeper


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