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DREW BAYE 3 | No need to rest between sets of heavy weights…It’s the EFFORT you use
presents episode 852 | Drew baye
High Intensity Training podcast

Consider: starting approach for most
clients: 12 exercises
-6 compound movements
[2 lower; 2 pushing; 2 pulling] Lower: squat & deadlift
Pull: chin up or pull down & row
Push: stand press & bench press
cover almost all major muscle groups
+neck extension/flexion; calf raise;
crunch; wrist extension/flexion

Need ONE properly performed set…
-if done intensely enough, anything
beyond that is not useful
-it would increase stress that body must
recover from,
-but does not stimulate any more growth
Most people’s set are short, sloppy
Need to, use weights to
-load, create tension, stress, microtrauma
in target muscles

Don’t heave and drop weights..
-take your time
-slow, strict control
Example: set of 6 to 10 reps
-4 seconds lift; 4 seconds lower
-hold, squeeze briefly at end point
of pulling & simple movements
-deliberately slow down at bottom of
pushing movements
-that is about 9 to 10 seconds/rep
-total 60 to 90 seconds for set

If conditioning is moderately good…
-should: move from exercise 1 to 2
in under 30 seconds
-if needed, take a bit longer
-change quickly so that heart rate still
elevated, breathing heavily
-avoid feeling light headed, nauseous
-if see black spots, wait

If you are in condition, can move in
30 seconds…
-you could get first 6 compound
exercises done in 12 minutes
“Still recommend you do the other
simple exercises, or choose others
for your specific goals”

Typical person doing nothing..
or, one doing everything in sloppy,
inefficient manner,
they would get better RESULTS
“Most people in gyms are wasting
their time, using horrible form,
sitting around between exercises”
-don’t need to rest to handle
heavier weight

Going to momentary muscle failure
is more important than:
-whether using a heavier or lighter weight
[need to use enough weight to get to
failure within 60-90 seconds or so]


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