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DREW BAYE 2 | BASIC START: 2 lower body; 2 push; 2 pull; neck; calf; ab; wrist
presents episode 850 | Drew baye
High Intensity Training podcast

The book: Body By Science…
Fitness has 5 functional factors:
1-muscular strength & stamina
2-cardiovascular & metabolic efficiency
3-structural strength
[bone & connective tissues;
resistance to injury] 4-flexibility
5-body composition
The better body composition, the better
strength to body weight ratio

If training intensely enough, very
little is required…
The harder you train, the more quickly
you hit a point of diminishing returns
Train often enough to provide
consistent stimulus to body
-don’t go so long between that
adaptations are lost
If working out seriously, then take a
week off, would not lose anything
-even a few weeks off

Clients, who have left for a few weeks,
pick up where they left off…
-usually more winded
-but cardiovascular adaptations come
back quickly
Best possible results:
-train as often as your own recovery
ability allows you

Forget about bodybuilders, athletes,
typical gym rats…
anyone, sitting around doing nothing
or jogging, zumba, etc
-if they do this approach, it is a hug
12 minutes is not quite enough time
to get the very best results for most…
-if have time, go for more, as much as
your recovery permits
Possible for good results in this brief

Consider: starting approach for most
clients: 12 exercises
-6 compound movements
[2 lower; 2 pushing; 2 pulling] Lower: squat & deadlift
Pull: chin up or pull down & row
Push: stand press & bench press
cover almost all major muscle groups
+neck extension/flexion;
calf raise; crunch;
wrist extension/flexion


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