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DR TED NAIMAN 6 | EATING A PROTEIN BOLUS: no problem for digestion: illeal brake slows GI tract
presents episode 434 | Dr Ted Naiman
Muscle Intelligence podcast by Ben Pakulski

Comment: Some researchers say you can only absorb, digest,
and assimilate 30g protein in a meal.
-Not true!
-there are many people eating one meal a day
-if true, humans would be extinct
-animals: lions eat a gazelle once a week
-animals can eat protein in boluses
-you get pulling of amino acids
-increase of aminos in blood stream
-protein is very slow to digest
-illeal brake: slows GI tract movement

“I don’t worry about those who eat twice a day…
-perhaps eating one meal a day (OMAD) makes it hard
-to get enough protein in
-eating frequency is on a U-shaped curve
-once a day or less is probably far from optimal
“I like two meals and a snack…”

Question: How does eating bolus of protein affect bloodwork?
-blood, urea, nitrogen BUN (an element of a metabolic panel)
-protein breakdown factor in bloodwork
-BUN standard range is NOT based on where healthy people
should be, but on the average of all those who go to lab”
-if you graph all those who go to lab
take 2 standard deviations from mean
that sets the high and low end
-so, everyone on high protein diet
will be way up on high end

Question: How does eating bolus of protein affect bloodwork?
-your doctor will say, hmmm maybe your kidneys…
Ted Naiman:
“As long as your creatinine and glomerular filtration rate
are fine…
it doesn’t matter what your BUN is”
-it does seem to be harmless

Question: Do you support digestive enzymes?
-but some people, when they really up their protein,
really struggle with abdominal pain and digestion.
“I am a fan of slowly progressing raising your protein.”
-most don’t have to do that
-some with chronic pancreatitis
~who take pancreatic enzymes
-but average person, progressing slowly
will upregulate their enzyme production

Question: Increase protein intake with age?
-No. I recommend everyone take:
1g protein per 1 pound ideal body weight
-as we get older, this becomes more important
-there is some anabolic resistance:
-the amount of protein available to
trigger hypertrophy of muscles
and anabolism needs to be higher


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