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DR TED NAIMAN 5 | PROTEIN SPARING:100g carbs/day to avoid gluconeogenesis; plus 1g per 1min. HIT
presents episode 433 | Dr Ted Naiman
Muscle Intelligence podcast by Ben Pakulski

Question: High levels of protein consumed by bodybuilders…
-what have studies shown?
-Dr Jose Antonio did a study:
-2 grams protein per pound body weight
-for one full year: no medical challenges at all
-average person will not consume that much!
(too difficult!)
-body builders can drink lots of protein
in whey drinks because they are low
in carbs & fat (except Dr Bikman’s!)

Protein is extremely insulinogenic…
-insulin goes way up with egg whites, fish, protein powder, but
-glucagon goes up as well, so blood sugar does not rise
-but, if you eat a donut:
-glucagon goes down and blood sugar goes way up
“You can eat 5 pounds of turkey,
your blood sugar stays flat as a pancake”

Question: gluconeogenesis…
-is demand driven, not supply driven
-you can eat as much protein as you want and
-you won’t produce more glucose than you need
“Humans make about 70g of glucose a day”
“I like eating less carbs, more protein
so body performs gluconeogenesis…
like a metabolic exercise for the body”

I don’t recommend eating zero carb diets…
-need 70g glucose daily to keep brain & red blood cells alive
(all the cell types with no mitochondria, so must burn glucose)
-if you eat no carbs at all, you will need to break down
70g of protein to stay alive…a little bit of protein wasting
-eating 100g carbs/day will be
somewhat protein sparing
(protein not used for gluconeogenesis)

For average person, carb intake is on a U-shaped curve…
-60% of calories as carbs, too high!
-zero carb, too low due to not sparing protein in the body
“Smarter to eat 100g of carbs/day, or
-another gram for each minute of high-intensity exercise”
-you then are basically replacing the
glucose you burn during HIT and
just staying alive”
-and sparing that much protein


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