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DR SARAH ZALDIVAR 2b | Decided to be honest with Youtube community…it exploded, from 75k to 100k+++
presents episode 540 | Rob Stuart
Dr Sarah Zaldivar podcast

After a month on seafood-based keto…
-went full carnivore:
~beef, raw eggs, butter
~animal fats & proteins
~little tiny bit of fruit; nothing else
For about a year: gained 35 pounds of muscle
-lost 3% body fat
-testosterone from 250 (90 year old level) to over 1000
“I’m 42, so pretty dramatic increase in growth hormone,
Noticable difference in mood, sleep, feeling of wellness

Question: How did this affect your Youtube work?
-I wanted to handle this change with honesty, but
-it also brought up a lot of fear
-chance that, when went public, would lose platform
-did have backlash from vegan community…
-even death threats!
-a lot of confusion, so I made content to dispel it
“Most people: ‘Hey, thanks for being honest!”
-my channel exploded…from 70k to well over 100k,
still growing”

“Definitely some moments, staying up at night…
-Am I going start over from scratch?
-will I leave Youtube, leave coaching
-and start building custom homes, or…
“Shows, for those content creators, that all of
the success I have had comes from the place of
being the most vulnerable, transparent, real.
People just want to know the truth about you and how you
have accomplished what you have”
-if too afraid to show up & be vulnerable, that never happens
-honesty really works great!


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