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DR SARAH ZALDIVAR 1b | “Time for ultra honesty with myself…time to get masculinity & strength back”
presents episode 539 | Rob Stuart
Dr Sarah Zaldivar podcast

Rob Stuart: Went to University of Utah…
-by end of school, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis were
~crooks of elbows, arm pits, crotch, face had
monthly flair ups that were more serious…
~grew and grew until around age 25, it went nuts
All dermatologists gave same message:
-you will have eczema for life
-there is no cure
-only thing to do is take drugs or creams
-manage symptoms for the rest of your life
“I felt like that was not the truth. There is some other way”

I jumped down rabbit hole of holistic health…
-started doing yoga
-I thought the dietary answer was plant-based
“For me, veganism taught me how to have
discipline with my food intake.
What macronutrients to eat, how to thrive”
After a year of cleansing, detoxification, meditation, yoga,
working out, getting in the sun, and veganism, I was able to
heal my skin completely”

Fast forward to year 7 of veganism…
“My partner and I became pregnant, but had
miscarriage-due to her blood disorder”
-she couldn’t upregulate B vitamins or vitamin D
-due to my gut and teeth issues, I took a hard look
-had to get ultra honest with myself
-clear what next steps needed to be
“I transitioned pretty quickly…I went from vegan, heavy on fruit, to:
-keto eating lots of salmon and pastured eggs
-within a month biomarkers, hormones, skin, everything felt different
-felt more masculine, strong again
-last few years of being vegan I had felt like an empty vessel


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