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DR SARAH ZADIVAR | Paleo…keto…carnivore…finally found answer to postpartum depression
presents episode 537 | Maura Vega
Dr Sarah Zaldivar podcast

Crossfit really helped with diet because…
-paleo is popular among crossfit folks
-you need fat
-began intermittent fasting
-started lifting weights
Began a macro-counting bodybuilder diet
-lost weight, but obsessing about weight all the time
-binge eating on weekends
-diagnosed with postpartum depression after baby Dean
-put on anti-depressants for about 1.5 years
Husband had a gym friend recommend keto diet

“I was struggling so much with depression,
decided to go with keto”
-weaned self off of anti-depressants
-very scary experience
“Don’t do this yourself. Do it with a doctor!”
-a month later I felt so much better
-my brain works again on fat!
Over the next year: had GI (gastrointestinal) issues
-eating a lot of greens and salads
Then carnivore became popular…
-decided to try it
-all digestive issues went away

“I stuck with carnivore eating…
-my mood got better
-anxiety was best it had ever been
Now, at the point:
-healed my gut
-testing: MRT food sensitivity
“Now I am 95% carnivore…eating avocados, squash sometimes”
-bodybuilding since 8 year old son was born
“Love going to gym…my therapy…stress reliever”


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