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DR PAUL SALADINO 7 | Glyphocate, mercury, chronic stress, EMF, lack of sunshine…excessive estrogen!
presents episode 423 | Dr Paul Saladino
Fundamental Health podcast with Evan Brand

Question: why do some people have problems detoxifying?
-about 25% of population has the:
HLA-DR gene (protein found on most cells…
which inhibits your immune system from reacting correctly to
infection and toxins)
“I don’t test for it because, if you have
symptoms and do the urine test, you can
see if you have microtoxins. If so, you have
a problem detoxifying”

Unpacking some alternative approaches…
-glucuronidation pathway (breaks toxic substances into less toxic ones)
-but, we all eat foods with glyphocate (Round Up) herbicide residue
-which kills beneficial species of bacteria in the microbiome
-which allows the overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria
-these raise an enzyme, beta-glucuronidase
-which inhibits the glucuronidation pathway
“You are literally putting a cork in the drain
of this detox pathway”

The enzyme, beta-glucuronidase…
-which inhibits the glucuronidation pathway
-leads to a build up of estrogen
~bad periods, PMS, breast tenderness
-we can use calcium d-glucarate to
inhibit that enzyme
-can use probiotics to do the same
“But, the root cause is fixing the SIBO”

Out buckets are full!
-we put mercury in our mouth (silver fillings)
-eat glyphocate (or drink contaminated wine)
-have histamine issues
-don’t ground ourselves to the earth (spend most time indoors)
-chronically stressed
-surrounded by EMF (electric & magnetic fields)

Paul Saladino: Black pepper contains piperine…
-another plant toxin inhibits UDP-glucuronosyltransferase
(enzyme in liver which puts glucuronide onto compounds
you are trying to excrete via phase two detoxification)
-if you eat moldy food or any toxin your body wants to detoxify
-and you eat black pepper…
“You are inhibiting or decreasing your body’s
ability to do that.
And you are getting intrahepatic recirculation
of xenoestrogens and endogenous estrogens”


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