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DR PAUL SALADINO 6 | Patient with depression20 years, had 90% cleared up by detoxification
presents episode 422 | Dr Paul Saladino
Fundamental Health podcast with Evan Brand

Elevated liver enzymes…
-urine test (OAT) shows:
-in this case:
~vitamin B5 is low
~vitamin C is low
“It is antioxident, so body
is burning it up as much
as possible to combat
the microtoxins”

Microtoxin report…
-first morning’s urine test
-intermittent fasting allows
for microtoxins to be
flushed from the body
-fasting increases ketones
-it also increases flushing
of microtoxins from body

Microtoxin report…
-ochratoxin A coming from
aspergillus growing in
-and probably growing in
his sinus cavities too
-you got it from breathing
in a moldy building, so
it is growing in your nose
-symptoms: ringing,
blurry vision–means more
sinus involvement

Microtoxin report…
-gliotoxin, also from
-symptom: brain fog
-should be less than 200
-this patient 3671!
-unfortunately, Evan Brand
sees this everyday

Microtoxin report…
-stachybotrys: the bad guy
-roridin & verrucarin
-their reference ranges are
very small…
(roridin less than 0.2)
meaning they

Example: female patient,
had depression for 20 years…
-got 90% better in 6 weeks

Interesting point:
-After 6 months we will usually
retest urine…
-often see a bunch of new

The follow-up test often shows more microtoxins…
“Jane Doe, not a good excreter or detoxifier, so test is low
-but just enough to use binders and glutathione to treat her”
-while someone else, better at detoxifying, has higher results,
but they are as bad as Jane Doe because due to:
-upregulated pathways
-using infrared saunas to heat up the body
-improving diet to be better fat burner
Even though your results are much higher,
-it simply means you are better at
-flushing it out


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