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DR PAUL SALADINO 5 | Story: 3 year old’s sugar addiction by microtoxins & candida overgrowth
presents episode 420 | Dr Paul Saladino
Fundamental Health podcast with Evan Brand

Mother of 3 year old has lived in house with water in basement…
-if mother was exposed to microtoxins, they can pass to baby
-breast feeding, which is critical
can also pass mold toxins on
Evan Brand (whose house was
infected with mold):
“we put our youngest on binders
and micronized chlorella to
detox her”

This 3 year old was so exposed to mold that he is considered colonized…
-There are several situations:
1. Weekend hit of mold from
hotel stay;
it stores in your body
you are reservoir
2. You are mold factory
3. both
This 3 year old is both
-he is generating microtoxins

This 3 year old has tons of candida overgrowth…
-he is addicted to sugar
-we will use liquid oregano or berberine to combat the candida
-will drive up the sugar cravings more

This 3 year old has major bacterial overgrowth…
-also has a problem common to people to go to hospital for
endoscopy or colonoscopy
-but come home with HAI (hospital acquired infection): C difficile
-kills a lot of people by diarrhea
Typical GI treatment would be heavy, heavy dose of antibiotics
-problem: antibiotic resistance!
-with herbs, there is no resistance
so, hopefully this approach will kill the bad guys:
-tons of bacteria, yeast, mold

Question: his symptoms include diarrhea and constipation?
-have to watch and adjust treatment
-if constipated: bump up magnesium or laxative herbs
-if diarrhea: bump up the binders (that remove the toxins)


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