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DR PAUL SALADINO 4 | MICROTOXINS block leptin receptors…you are never satiated, cannot lose weight!
presents episode 419 | Dr Paul Saladino
Fundamental Health podcast with Evan Brand

Leak under kitchen sink, water sits for over 24 hours, now you have…
-mold on cleaning products:
-aspergillus (group of fungi which grow as molds)
-expels ochratoxin (myotoxin especially harmful to animals)
-this is poisonous to other molds
-Then: stachybotrus (black mold)
-it expels other microtoxins that poison other molds
-you are the innocent bystander, in
~tightly sealed up home, with paper covered drywall
~spray foam insulation, so cannot get any
exposure to dilute these toxins

You breathe it in, it gets stored in your fat cells…
-microtoxins block your leptin receptors: so you are never full
-never have satiety
-you are gaining weight and don’t know why
-this whole cascade happens often without you knowing!
-these mold ‘farts’ (expelled microtoxins) are in the air
~you breathe them in & get stored
~measure them in your urine
~THEN bind them up and pull them out of body

Buildings…you’ve got to get your humidity under control
“I choose to live in Tennessee because my family are all here”
-from November through February it is grey, cloudy, wet
-whole house humidifiers are a game changer!
-we have one called Aprilaire
-hooks to duct work
-I set it to 40%
-automatically keeps air in home at 40% humidity
-can buy a hygrometer
-in your sealed house, if humidity is 60-70% humidity
mold growth is inevitable
(recommends not using portable humidifiers)

If you have a leak, however, humidifier won’t help…
Example: today is 70 degrees, but very humid
-not hot enough for air conditioner to suck out moisture
-not cold enough for heater to do same
-so the outdoor 80% humidity will seep into the home
“That is why I recommend whole house
humidifiers for every section of the country”


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