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DR PAUL SALADINO 3 | MOLD drives…histamine intolerance MCAS; SIBO; candida
presents episode 418 | Dr Paul Saladino
Fundamental Health podcast with Evan Brand

Evan Brand: I became very sensitive to fragrances…
-perfume, hair spray, candles
-these are estrogenic compounds
-chemical sensitivity or mast cell activation
-when exposed to mold toxins, mass cells leak histamines
-this is why some people need
a low-histamine diet, like

It is not histamine that is the problem, it is your low tolerance to it…
-due to your mast cells
-we stabilize them using quercetin (vitamin C family)
-if patient has symptoms, we will run a urine test
Example, if fatigued, need to check mitochondria on
-an organic acids test
(like exhaust pipe emissions check)
-first morning’s urine can show signs of
~bacterial overgrowth

Microtoxins deplete dopamine…
-perhaps we are addicted to our smart phones because we are
so low in dopamine (due to microtoxin’ depleting it)
Three things people can do if they suspect mold toxicity:
-petri dish test for mold in the home
-urine test (organic acids test)
-urinary testing for microtoxins through:
Great Plains company

Paul Saladino:
-histamine intolerance
-mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS)
-SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
If you are doing everything else right…
-animal-based diet, sunlight, sleep
-mold could be one of the keys to your
unhealthy symptoms that are mysterious

Paul Saladino:
-we have a supplement at called Histamine and Immune…
-provides DAO (Diamine Oxidase)
-but, key question: why are you not making enough DAO?
“A lot of people will rightly say, ‘mold is everywhere!!’

Evan Brand: We used to be able to tolerate all of this mold, but…
-now we are in these sterilized environments:
~drywall with paper backing (easily holds moisture and grows mold)
~poor ventilation, we don’t bring in fresh air
~homes are built so tight that they don’t breathe


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