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DR PAUL SALADINO 2 | Petri dish MOLD TEST: match to symptoms… if 3 or more: run urine test
presents episode 417 | Dr Paul Saladino
Fundamental Health podcast
with Evan Brand, Functional Medical Professional

Dr Saladino: when people reach out to me about medical conditions…
-I usually direct them to and send us an email
-I prefer to start with their diet:
~Are you eating the most nutrient dense foods?
~animal foods, organs, and least-toxic plant foods
This is the least difficult point to start: make sure diet is on point
Also: think about circadian rhythms, real sunlight on skin, sleep well
If you are doing these things well, and still have symptoms, then:
-consider mold and co-infections

Evan Brand: Yes, it is huge, yet people don’t want to face the truth…
-don’t know if it is the money that may be needed to remediate the home
-may have to throw out clothes, etc (like Evan’s family had to do)
-don’t know if it is because some family members think it is in your head
-Regarding diet: yes, if you go paleo, that is a good start
-if go further, to carnivore, that is better
-even then adding back in some berries & honey
“I had a grassfed sirloin for breakfast!’
-and my 5 year old daughter too!
-she won’t eat vegetables!!

After last podcast together, I stopped feeling guilty about it!
“I had pressure like, Hey honey, I’ll get you organic broccoli…”
-now I couldn’t care less and she performs better without it
-Dr Saladino: that is amazing…how much consternation could be saved
across the world if parents would just forcing kids to eat vegetables
that they
-don’t want to eat &
-don’t need!
“They don’t need spinach & kale…”

Mold test kit is a petri dish, called a gravity plate…
-some mold testing is just an air check, but mold spores fall to ground
-these plates have a gum on them that catches the mold spores
-as they colonize
Bottom picture, my office:
-only 1 colony!
Top picture, our great room:
-probably some outdoor mold
at least 5 to 6 colonies
-I’ll use some essential oils to
treat that room

I like to match up the results to the patient’s symptoms…
-on my intake form I ask for all the symptoms we talked about earlier
-if there are 3 or more symptoms, for example;
~anxiety, fatigue, vertigo:
we will run a urine test


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