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DR GABRIELLE LYON | SKELETAL MUSCLE IS LONGEVITY…If fall: armor If can’t train: amino acid reserve
presents episode 544 | Dr Gabrielle Lyon
Lillie Kane podcast

“Everyone is ‘Over-Fat’ and obese…
-but, if thinking long term about longevity:
-especially ‘healthspan’
~the quality of one’s life
“That, in my opinion as a trained geriatrician,
is all about skeletal muscle”
-it is the site of glucose disposal
-when you eat carbs, glucose is toxic to all cells
~must be removed from the blood stream
~the site for this removal is skeletal muscle
-Also, lipid oxidation (from fatty acids & triglycerides)

Amino acid reserve…
-if you fall: skeletal muscle protects like armor,
~also, if you could no longer workout,
~skeletal muscle would be your amino acid reserve

Amino acid profiles are different in animal-based vs
-plant-based foods
“Can vegetarians meet their protein needs?
-certainly possible…will be much easier for the
“Liver King” than vegetarian or vegan
“I am concerned about the quality of the protein,
and the amount of carbs that would need to go
with plant-based to get needed protein”

Bioavailable nutrition: iron, omega, calcium, B vitamins,
-creatine (not found in plants)
“Why, if plant-based is more advantageous, are all the nutrients not
included, rather than take tremendous effort to add them in?”

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