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DR GABRIELLE LYON 3 | PROTEIN: 30g MINIMUM 3 times/day: gluconeogenesis; satiate; protein synthesis
presents episode 546 | Dr Gabrielle Lyon
Lillie Kane podcast

The protein you ingest goes through a process…
-gluconeogenesis in liver (production of glucose)
-when protein too high, you have to deal with the
carbon backbone, so you can get out of ketosis
Lillie Kane: I may eat 200g protein some days…
Dr Lyon: not a problem…
-depending on my training status, I have eaten 200g
“We can eat different kinds of diets, they can be cyclical in nature”
-if a woman, going through menopause or perimenopause or
an older adult: utilize a protein-forward diet, optimize for protein

During menopause, go through hormonal changes
-this is time can gain substantial body weight
-critical to optimize protein for body composition &
satiation & maintaining skeletal muscle mass
-as you age, a higher-protein diet is imperative
-need more protein as we age, not less!
-skeletal muscle is the organ of longevity…
~regulates everything about body and
trajectory of your health
~much more difficult to maintain as you age

If obese or struggle with body composition issues…
-evidence suggests: you are more resistant to
-anabolic (growth) effects of protein & exercise
Perimenopause, post menopausal, older adults,
-body composition issues:
-your tissue has a blunted response to
muscle protein synthesis

Question: how to start?
-from a base level: consider 24 hour cycle…
-1 gram protein per 1 pound ideal body weight
“I am 115 pounds, 5’1″, so 115g is perfect
-could go up or down no problem”
-if intake 30g per meal, 3/day MINIMUM…
~helps correct for blood sugar regulation
-helps gluconeogenesis
-highly satiating
-stimulate muscle protein synthesis
-low hunger: avoid cortisol; counter-regulatory hormones

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