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Dr Bikman’s Lab 3: INTESTINES MAKE HDL…helping reduce LPS inflammatory harm to your body!
presents episode 219:

Dr Ben Bikman on
Insulin IQ podcast:
Bikman’s Lab

Diets high in saturated fat tend to increase total cholesterol…

Within the family of cholesterol, we often scrutinize
the lipoproteins that carry the cholesterol:
-HDL (people say universally good–not necessarily aways)
-LDL (people say universally bad– Not True)
-they carry:
~cholesterol esters (with fatty acid)

Study, 2021, in the journal Science…
Found that: the intestines can make HDL
-as blood is flowing from intestines to liver
-some LPS (pathogen) will leak through into blood stream
-intestines make HDL, so:
~as it goes through portal vein &
~binding up the LPS!

If no HDL, the LPS would move freely…
-binding cells &
-causing inflammation

HDL locks up the LPS
-takes it to the liver
-helps liver to dump it back into
intestines…to go out in the feces

So, guts, sensing this problem…
-are providing a solution by creating HDL

“Whatever you can do to increase HDL
will help bind errant LPS &
remove it”
-prevents inflammation & insulin resistance

LPS causes insulin resistance via inflammatory pathways…

“Whatever you can do to increase your HDL is good.
-low carb
-high fat
-high protein
will do that very well”