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DON LAYMAN 9 | FIRST & LAST MEAL of daymost important…Must have 30g protein in each meal MINIMUM
presents episode 592 | Dr Don Layman
Dr Peter Attia podcast

4 signals that regulate mTOR…
-AMP Kinase [energy sensitive] -Acid red 1 [stress sensitive] ~especially resistance exercise

Insulin & IGF 1 [insulin-like growth factor] -in young, these dominate
-insulin is a growth hormone
“At age 25, stop growing, insulin ceases to have affect on
protein synthesis in muscle”

At age 25, shifts to protein quality…
-when younger, hormones are key
-when older: “We can buffer loss of
hormones by higher quality protein:
mostly leucine, and:
resistance exercise
These two things balance out the
loss of hormone growth advantage”

Protein requirements are not % but
absolute grams…
-if your calorie needs go down
[example: 1200 for 75 year old] -you STILL need 100g PROTEIN per day
IF doing weight loss…still need 100g/day
Must think of protein FIRST
Research: most important meal of day?
“fast all night, protein synthesis, mTOR signaling: down
Until you have enough leucine [3g…or 30g protein]–
your muscles stay catabolic [destructive metabolism]”

Significant aspect of aging…
-people don’t eat protein for breakfast
-their efficiency is already down
Need to FRONTLOAD PROTEIN each day
-at least 2 meals well above 30g protein
Dr Layman recommends:
1-first meal: 45g protein
2-last meal: 45g protein
“If elderly, to maintain muscle: focus on these 2 meals”
-If weight loss: focus on 3 meals–so don’t get hungry
-if muscle-builder: focus on 4 meals
To be anabolic: need 35g protein or more each meal

Data are clear…
-first and last meals are most important
-lack of data on middle meal!


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