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DON LAYMAN 8 | 65 year old processes protein ONLY at 10%!So: must include ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS
presents episode 591 | Dr Don Layman
Dr Peter Attia podcast

Your body needs to make 300g of new
protein everyday…
-liver enzymes replaced every hour
-muscle protein: every 30 days
-collagen: half life 100 days
Our body replaces EVERY PROTEIN in it
about 4 times a year
Average American intake is 80g a day
[women 70; men 90] Recycling: “For every new protein made by the body–
6 of 7 new amino acids is being recycled

16 year old will process all protein that
is taken in, but
65 year old may only process 10%
“If give an enriched source of
amino acids in protein, the 65 year old
will respond like a 16 year old!”
-efficiency goes down with age, but
-capacity to respond DOES NOT
“What we now know:
-if you double the RDA [from .8 to 1.6g protein per kg] -65 year adult will RESPOND LIKE A 20 year old
in muscle protein synthesis’

Plant-based diet DECREASES both
quantity & quality of protein
-if eating plant-based: you will
~need more protein
~more calories
If you get 120g protein a day,
-doesn’t matter if plant or animal
-will be enough to cover it
-if only 50g a day, THAT IS NOT ENOUGH to get amino acids
-so, between 50 and 120g, depends on what you choose


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