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DON LAYMAN 6 | Leucine, lysine, methionine: enough of these & all is OK! Soy protein: deficient!
presents episode 588 | Dr Don Layman
Dr Peter Attia podcast

Dr Peter Attia: You are saying…
“Let’s focus on the actual content of
3 most critical, essential amino acids:
methionine, leucine, lysine.
Make sure you get enough of these
with each meal, and
Everything else will take care of itself”
Dr Don Layman: YES
-DIAS scores show we are scoring apples and oranges:
-all legumes [soy, pea] are deficient in methionine
-compare to whey: limiting amino acid is histamine
“Histamine is NOT a limiting amino acid in adults [it is in children]

Compare methionine in whey vs
methionine in legume:
-not 20% higher…
-it is 250% higher!
“Foods need to be compared across the
3 essential amino acids for adults”

mTOR needs to cycle on and off…
-leucine turns it on,
-so does insulin
Animal studies show:
-people eating lots of small, carb meals
~continuously activates mTOR
“We need to use specific meals to
stimulate MUSCLE mTOR.
NOT in liver or other tissues”
-insulin triggers mTOR in all tissues [not healthy] -leucine targets mTOR stimulation in muscle [healthy]

Lysine is limiting in grains…
-shown in animal science for years
Grains: limiting for protein synthesis
“We need 3.4g lysine per day
less than 1g methionine per day”
Methionine helps body
-make and repair DNA & RNA
-make taurine downstream
-make cystine & glutathione
Methionine is limiting in ALL LEGUMES
“We hear that soy, beans, lentils are high in protein.
That is true, but they are still limiting in methionine”


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