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DON LAYMAN 5 | Wheat bran protein is LESS THAN HALF BIOAVAILABLE & full of OXALATES!
presents episode 587 | Dr Don Layman
Dr Peter Attia podcast

Quality of protein…
1-composition of the 9 essential
amino acids
2-bioavailability [digest & absorb] Animal protein and isolate proteins are
close to 100% absorption rates
Plant proteins are FOR THE PLANT,
-a lot is attached to fibers
-if eaten raw: 60 to 70% available max

Protein quality score…
-whey isolate protein, due to essential
amino acids is 20% better than soy
-wheat bran protein: 40% available
[also full of oxalates] Example: cereal with 4g wheat protein
-actually less than 2g in reality

Protein quality score…
New score based on 3 amino acids:
Lysine; Methionine; Leucine
“Key markers for adult health”
USDA database: 7000 foods
-4000 have amino acid scores, but
-Less than 300 have DIAS scores
[digestible, indispensable, amino acids] Look on food label: 4g wheat protein, but
-no daily value shown because no DIAS!
-no one is being told that:
4g wheat protein = less than 2g total


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