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DON LAYMAN 5 | Breakfast must be high protein [35g]…TO STABILIZE METABOLISM
presents episode 720 | Dr Don Layman
Brian Gryn podcast

Leucine & mTOR: signals for recovery…
-after fast or heavy exercise:
body is catabolic [metabolic breakdown] -stays catabolic until eat protein
Our studies: Leucine is the key
-2 hours after workout is target window
for acute recovery
Research by Dr Stuart Phillips on anabolic window
“Biggest benefit of 2 hour after workout is for untrained”
-training for 2 months: no benefit to the 2 hour window
-protein in the next meal will work fine

If going into new exercise…
-after time off, then:
`protein right after workout is helpful
Exercise sensitizes muscle
-inhibits molecule red-1
-muscle more sensitive to protein
“This process is training.
If untrained, 2 hour window for protein for recovery
If trained, protein in next meal”

After training, muscle becomes anabolic
-synthesizes more protein
“You are continuously making protein &
breaking down protein”
-need to make 300g protein per day
-a lot more than we eat
“that is turnover of amino acids”
After a meal, for 2 hours anabolic
-then catabolic [muscle no longer synthesizing protein] -breakdown of amino acids is higher rate

Body has no place to store amino acids…
-kidney, liver, heart need to make
protein 24 hours a day
-muscle is the reservoir
-supplies amino acids to body

Example: dinner; 12 hours fasting
-very catabolic period
-breaking down protein for all organs
[supplied by MUSCLE] Breaking this fast: must eat
35g protein to get anabolic
[cereal & juice VERY HARMFUL]:
-high carb & insulin; storing fat;
“First meal must be high protein; NOT HIGH CARB;


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