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DON LAYMAN 4 | CONVENIENT CARB BREAKFAST? Spikes insulin. Hungry in 2 hours
presents episode 719 | Dr Don Layman
Brian Gryn podcast

We call it a Protein-Centric approach…
-whether eat meat or not, still base
meals around protein
-pick protein amount; that determines
carb amount
-goal: eat type of breakfast so that:
get to lunch without snack
“We found that: protein in 35g or higher range;
-carbs below 30g; and
-fat in moderate range

Why protein has high satiating effect?
-stomach vagovagal
-gastric emptying rates
Eating convenient carbs for breakfast:
“Get spike of blood sugar, spike of insulin
In our studies: high carb & low carb group
-high carb hungry 2 hours after breakfast
-low carb DID NOT

Total range of protein per day?
-low 60g [strict vegetarian] -high 300g [totally safe] MINIMUMS:
-women 100g
“For healthy aging & weight loss;


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