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DON LAYMAN 3 | Animal-sourced proteins have balance of AMINO ACIDS that humans (animals) NEED!!
presents episode 586 | Dr Don Layman
Dr Peter Attia podcast

Question: RDA [recommended dietary
allowance] for amino acids?
-method: average of the population;
set 50% as deficient
-set 97.5% as adequate
-so, 2.5% of people are deficient
Protein needs
-came from Animal Sciences
-“How to get animals to grow best?”
-‘Nitrogen Balance’ = Protein Requirement
All developed for growth of animals
-for non-growing adults: more vague

“Nitrogen balance underestimates
-short term studies
-on college-age students
-in 7 day study, they look OK
“May be other outcomes more important
than minimum nitrogen balance…
-protein-handling efficiency goes down
as we get older”
-Now we have much higher requirements for protein

Mostly, carbs & fats are our energy
carbon-carbon bonds that provide energy
-amino acids very different structure
and purpose
-nitrogen makes them different
Animal-sourced protein
[meat, eggs, milk] “All amino acids humans need are there”
Meat has the right balance of amino acids


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