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DON LAYMAN 3 | Amino Acids…critical for building protein AND metabolic functions: Go WAY BEYOND RDA
presents episode 585 | Dr Don Layman
Dr Peter Attia podcast

Also: protein…
-must be high levels at few meals
-when many small meals
Protein requirement [RDA]?
-we have specific requirement for
9 essential amino acids
-these are essential as building blocks
for new protein, but
-every one has a metabolic role
[leucine, mTOR, arginine, nitric oxide, lysine, carnitine,
systine, glutathione] “Those roles VASTLY above nitrogen balancing of the RDA”

Question: what is an amino acid?
-like a fatty acid
-has carboxy end with carbon
-has a nitrogen end
When we eat protein, we get these
amino acids in a string, then
-digest them down to:
~amino acids, or
~di or tri peptides
~into the blood
Then, body reconnects them as directed by DNA

Question: what is an amino acid?
20 amino acids…
-also have a side chain
~glycine with hydrogen
~tryptofan with big aromatic part
Made into protein…
-insulin [51 amino acids] -myosin [thousands] Each protein has different turn over rate
-insulin [15 minutes] -collagen [250 days]

Question: what is an amino acid?
Have different kinds of structures…
-lysine [becomes carnitine for
fatty acid metabolism] -arginine [N goes to nitric oxide for vasoconstriction] -cystine [creatinine or glutathione] -leucine [signal for muscle-protein synthesis] “Amino acids have building block structure
also have metabolic functions!
People don’t recognize when talking about protein RDA”


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