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DON LAYMAN 2 | Many small meals a day…does NOT lead to fat loss–time between few meals reduces fat
presents episode 584 | Dr Don Layman
Dr Peter Attia podcast

Excess glucose is TOXIC…
-if blood level too high, will damage
every tissue from eyes to toes
“You have to dispose of the glucose”
Dr Daniel Hellerstein showed:
-if diet is 50% carbs; 35% fat
-1000 calorie meal
Which fuel goes into fat quickest?
-easiest one: it is already fat
But if switch that (Dr Jeff Voleck) to 80% carbs; 10% fat
-denovoliposynthesis makes saturated fat, so
-saturated fat in blood comes from eating CARBS

We burn 100 calories an hour 24/7…
-any calories in excess has to be stored
QUESTION: does that mean eat many
small meals a day?
-absolutely NOT
-in 1980’s theory: many small meals
would mean less fat gain
-study on animals showed when
adapted to many small meals, they gained less fat….but
-the artifact was their adaptation!
-when adapted to 2 meals a day, coming out of starvation period,
caused fat gain…but not due to meals…due to adaptation
Study redone, fewer meals means more thermogenesis, less fat gain


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