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DON LAYMAN 2 | Last meal of day: 40g PROTEIN will build muscle & strength!
presents episode 717 | Dr Don Layman
Brian Gryn podcast

Whey protein is water soluble and
very fast digesting…
Casein is less soluble and slower
Put milk in acid environment and it
gives casein [cheese];
what is left is liquid [whey] Whey gives muscle protein synthesis at 25g
Casein needs 32g

Dr Luc van Loon studied:
-add 4th high-protein meal at night
-casein ideal protein for this
-40g meal one hour before sleep
-slow digestion
-amino acids higher
Young athletes gained mass & strength

Question: 4 spikes of protein/day
for muscle mass?
target each meal around leucine goal
-first meal & later meals most important
-no research on effect of lunch protein
-hangover from first meal lasts long time
-first & third meals are known to be important for protein
“My pattern is 2 meals a day for muscle protection.
I maximize protein while watching calories”

Max protein per meal?
-no: there is adaptation
-if vegan at 20g/meal; suddenly eat 110g
may not digest well
-but, a week of adaptation will do it
“No upper limit
-it will digest well
-if 100g protein at a meal, won’t use it efficiently
-sweet spot = 25g to 60g per meal


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