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DON LAYMAN 11 | BRANCH CHAIN AMINO ACIDS oxidize as fatty acids: BURN FAT & spare glucose for brain!
presents episode 594 | Dr Don Layman
Dr Peter Attia podcast

Post-exercise recovery initiation factors…
-leucine triggers EIF-4
-downstream from regulator: mTOR
After exhaustive exercise, muscle is
catabolic UNTIL take in enough leucine!
-biggest effect is within 2 hours
-the more trained you are, the less post-training effect
[if in first 4 weeks of training; post-exercise protein
makes sense] -if consistently training, no need to rush post-workout
protein intake

Question: is there a max for protein
intake to be metabolized?
-can consume more than 30g at a meal
-can digest up to 100g
-muscle can handle 25 to 60g protein
-liver will use all of it

When you eat a meal of protein:
-50% is degraded to nitrogen & carbon
before getting to blood
EXCEPTION: branch chain amino acids
-leucine, isoleucine, valine
-80% of these get into blood
“Muscle senses that as a meal quality.
‘adequate quality of protein for me to trigger
a very expensive process of muscle protein synthesis”

Leucine: ketogenic…
-metabolized as a fatty acid
-will activate the CPT-1 enzyme
[carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1] -the link to bring fatty acids into
mitochondria for oxidation
When leucine is high:
-inhibits pyruvate from mitochondria
-nitrogen from leucine oxidation gets onto pyruvate
-body then recycles glucose!
“Steady state on glucose, and emphasized body fat oxidation!”
-when burning body fat: leucine spares glucose for brain use


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