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DON LAYMAN 10 | SMALL CHILD: OK protein in small doses throughout day-synthesis driven by hormones
presents episode 593 | Dr Don Layman
Dr Peter Attia podcast

Adult protein needs are different than
-small snacks of 10g protein work well
for children
if want to take in 100g protein a day:
-in many, small meals:
~will NEVER stimulate muscle protein synthesis
~liver, gut will respond fine, but not muscle
Muscle senses energy, insulin, protein
BEFORE it triggers synthesis
-if these are not in balance, it will not trigger

Middle of night, heart & liver still have to
make protein…
-but muscle does not…it is catabolic
-and is supplying amino acids so all the
other organs work!

Question: small child needs less protein
at a time due to their size?
-child’s protein synthesis is driven by
-is highly efficient
-can accommodate protein in small doses
-may only need 45g protein for the day


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