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DON LAYMAN 1 | Excess carbs…body must store within 2 hours…eat fat: free fatty acids–fuel for heart
presents episode 583 | Dr Don Layman
Dr Peter Attia podcast

Dr Don Layman:
-Adopted philosophy:
Nutrition is about 2 tissues:
-brain & skeletal muscle
-if both healthy, will live a good life
Everything else adapts to environment
“Tailor nutrition around
‘muscle-centric nutrition'”
Dr Gabrielle Lyon
Keep muscles healthy,
will avoid obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Muscle serves 2 functions…
most older people die from immobility
muscle is primary site for insulin action
glucose utilization &
fat utilization
“Blood glucose & blood lipids (fat)
levels are dependent on muscle metabolism”
Insulin resistance, not really associated with fat
caused by insulin
“Elevate insulin chronically too long…
that is type 2 diabetes”

Question is, which one,
eating excess fat or excess carbs,
is more likely to become physiological
problem [insulin resistance]?
-350g carbs per day, or
-90g fat per day
Randle Hypothesis
[combining fats & glucose as fuels leads to metabolic disorders] ‘eating excess fatty acids cause all the problems’
Bob Wolf ran experiments that showed it is the reverse!
-fatty acids not inherently toxic, but glucose is [diabetes]

When you eat excess carbs, must get
rid of them within 2 hours;
fat can hang around for much longer
-the body always wants certain level
of free fatty acids in blood:
~that is fuel for heart


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